Thursday, April 12, 2012

Protect your awning investment

Awning season is here, be sure to make a smart investment.

You are going to own your awning for years to come, make sure you purchase your awning from a company with a long standing reputation for quality product and customer service.  An awning does not have to be a disposable product, our awnings have used the same components for over 15 years and we are the manufacturer so everything can be warrantied, replaced or repaired out of our factory which is located at I-25 and Alameda.

Sadly, each year we experience an onslaught of service calls for awnings that were purchased from other companies.  Often the awnings were purchased from a Sunsetter dealer who is no longer in the business, a company that tried to make a mark but didn't have enough foundation to survive these economic times or a company that has recently changed the brand of awnings that they carry and can no longer warranty/service their previously installed awnings.

Just the other day our service department received a call from someone with an awning from China who needed parts. Unfortunately since we're the manufacturer we don't carry anyone else's parts.

Liberty Home Products builds lifetime products for decades of enjoyment.

Call us now for a free in-home estimate!  303-698-1860

Monday, February 6, 2012

Want To Instant Shade? We Got Ya Covered!

Okay, okay, so we were just inundated with a large enthusiastic snow storm.  But whether you are new to Colorado or a native like us, you must understand by now that soon enough we will all be in our backyards or at the local pool trying to cool off from another one of our great sunny summers!

40' Container of awning parts brought in from Italy
Here at Liberty we manufacture all of our awnings here in our factory off of I-25 and Alameda.  Our loyal employees are just chomping at the bit to build you the custom-designed awning masterpiece of your dreams.  We just received our shipment from Italy of all of our awning components and are ready for awning season to sweep us away again. We've installed thousands of awnings in the Denver Metro area, actually from Cheyenne to Pueblo and as far west as Grand Junction.

If you're looking for the awning and shade experts, look no further.

Now obviously just because we're ready doesn't mean the Colorado seasons are ready to skip the rest of Winter and all of Spring so we can bring you our awning and shade products when you need them most. It is because we have the parts and the labor we are able to offer you an exciting preseason sale that will knock your socks off.

From now until March 31st, all of our shade products are on a Preseason Sale. What this amounts to is an additional 10 - 25% off of many of our awning, shades, fabric recovers and accessories.

So ignore the snow piled up on your back patio, soon enough you will wish you had a beautiful awning that extends your living space so you can entertain guests comfortably, play with your children before dinner or just to relax under.

Liberty Home Products
Denver Factory Showroom: 358 S. Navajo St. Denver, CO 80223  (303)698-1750
Littleton Showroom: 145 County Line Rd. Littleton, Co 80121  (303)730-2070

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Liberty Home Products - Quality Custom Iron work.

Here at Liberty we have been in the Custom Ornamental Steel manufacturing business for so long that we rarely run into custom situations that we can't handle.  The advantage of having our manufacturing facility in Denver is that we can have immediate contact with the fabricators who are building our products.  This close-knit relationship and level of communication results in beautiful, high quality custom work that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations time after time.

Go with a name you can trust.

Liberty Home Products
Denver Factory Showroom: 358 S. Navajo St. Denver, CO 80223 (303)698-1750
Littleton Showroom: 145 County Line Rd. Littleton, Co 80121 (303)730-2070